Joint venture signs contract for Bay Terminal project in Bangladesh

For the new Bay Terminal in Chittagong, Bangladesh, a detailed design is to be drawn up for an approx. 5 km long breakwater and for a navigational channel of more than 45 km (24 nautical miles). For this project, the joint venture, consisting of Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (Lead), AQUA Consultant & Associates Ltd and KS Consultants Ltd, Bangladesh, signed the contract for the execution of the engineering and consulting services on October 19, 2022.

As part of the agreement, the joint venture companies will review the master plan and prepare design-, drawings- and tender-documents for the channel dredging and breakwater construction works over the next 6 months.

The design includes the execution of numerous studies using numerical models, comprising of a wave hind-cast study, offshore to nearshore extreme & operational waves, wave disturbances in the port, water level & currents, sedimentation & erosion, wave response of the ships, tsunami assessment and tropical cyclone modelling. For the breakwater stability, both 2D and 3D physical modelling will be done. For part of the navigational channel design Fast-time 2D, Real-time 2D and Real-time 3D maneuvering simulation exercises and under keel clearance studies will be done.

Training and transfer of knowledge is a large component of the project and after tendering Sellhorn will lead the construction supervision, currently estimated to take 2,5 years.

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